Abilities are skills that can be used by the player for sometime till it is cooldown to be used again. They need some time to cool down after usage and stay with you forever without the need to buy it. You can find them under the Ability tab in your Bag. Double click the ability in your bag to move it to your skillbar.

You can get the abilities by buying them in shops, completing quests and even by collecting certain Exploration Tokens.

List of Abilities

1.Fleet Footed

fleet footed


Using fleet footed makes you run faster for 7 seconds

Its cooldown time is 40 seconds

2.Speed Swim

speed swim


Using speed swim makes you swim faster for 20 seconds

Its cooldown time is 25 seconds

3.Heroic Heart

heroic heart


Using heroic heart gives you 2 extra hearts for 1 minute

Its cooldown time is 2 minutes

4.Super Jump

super jump


Using super jump makes you be able to jump higher for 15 seconds

Its cooldown time is 45 seconds

5.Dirty Bomb
Dirty bomb

dirty bomb


Use this ability to blow your enemies to bits

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