Engineer's Wrench Converter

Converters are special items that together with certain ingredients can create new items through a process that is called conversion.

Converters can be obtained from Monsters, purchased in the Cash Shop and other shops, as a reward of Quests and also by the Secret Shipment.

If you open your Backpack and go to the Converters tab and hover the mouse on the converter icon, it will show a window that will show a list of all the necessary ingredients and the final item that it will create.

Converter Tooltip

Converter Tooltip

Converter ToolsEdit

Some converters need tools which can be obtained from quests.

  • Sewing Kit Sewing Kit - A necessary tool for several Sewing converters.
  • Engineer's Wrench Engineer's Wrench - A necessary tool for various Engineering converters.
  • Hammer Hammer - A necessary tool for various Smithing converters.


Using converters guarantees Medals, see Medals/Converter for more information.

List of ConvertersEdit

The converters are divided into 6 categories: Sewing, Smithing, Carpentry, Engineering, Mulching and Alchemy.

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