Journals can help you, and they can be found anywhere - in Lightmills or in forests. Sometimes you are required to look in a journal, and sometimes it is just lying there for an extra thing to press.

To read a journal, walk up to it and press "F".

List of Journals and what they sayEdit

Summer Tide SagaEdit

  • Lightmill Island - Journal
    • Lighthouse-keeping isn't as lonely as I was afraid it would be.
    • There's another new arrival down on the beach right now!
  • Kraken Island - Sveik's Log
    • Day 200, Morning: Even when I was a boy, I knew it would come to this; me and my mortar (Carl) against the kraken. That squid won't know what hit it!
    • Day 200, Evening: The war effort isn't going so well. Our shots just bounce off the rubbery hide. We're out of shells now. Requisitioning more.
    • Day 205, Morning: Shells have still not arrived. Must come up with alternate ammo. Maybe tourists?
  • Alien Ruins - Alien Journal
    • Before the invasion, I was drummer for the world's top-rated rock band. Then the other members left one by one.
    • By the time I noticed any imagination devourers, they were all over the place. Most people didn't seem to see them at all.
    • I had to leave the planet if I still wanted to be myself. I met Ixlp at the docking station. He said we should try for Planet X.
    • Ixlp says we shouldn't look at this as losing everything. We're getting a chance to start over in a new world.
    • After what happened to our world, I know we both want to keep the new one safe.