<Required Accessory>

Starts off with Frank wanting 2 Shells from the beach. He gives you a Top Hat Converter in return.

He then sends you on a quest to gather a Black Ribbon in order help complete the converter.

Rewards: 5 XP, Coins, 100 Gems, Bolt of Cloth.

<Conversion Quest>

Next Frank guides you to open your bag to search for the converter in order to activate by double-clicking on it.

Rewards: 5 XP, Coins, 100 Gems, Top Hat.

<Hat Model>

Once obtaining your Top Hat, Frank asks you to try it on by double-clicking on it in your bag.

Rewards: 5 XP, Coins, 100 Gems.


<Tailor's Tools>

Once you look nice in your new hat, Frank guides you to talk to Hinkerspiel to receive a sewing kit.

Rewards: 5 XP, Coins, 100 Gems, Sewing Kit.

<Lighting The Way>

Upon arrival Hinkerspiel gives you the sewing kit and sends you off to collect a Fuse by smashing a box near the June Shipping Co. Boat. In return you get a shirt.

Rewards: 8 XP, Coins, 400 Gems, Sun Tee.

<Light Rescue>

Next you are asked to defeat 10 Vicious Weeds that are near by.

Rewards: 5 XP, Coins, 300 Gems.

<Digging For Gears>

After the defeat of the Weeds Hinkerspiel asks you to dig near the main tree on Lightmil in order to dig up 3 Gears. After your return you get a Net.

Rewards: 8 XP, Coins, 600 Gems, Net.

<Butterfly Hunt>

Once you obtain your Net, Hinkerspiel asks you to go catch 5 Blue Butterflies.

Rewards: 5 XP, Visor, Ocean Potion.

This Concludes the main Quests for Lightmil Island. Continue Next to Kraken Island Quests. Or Check out other Quests from Lightmil.