The Mad Weed is one of the Bosses found in MilMo.

  • Requirements: At least Level 18 and an ranged weapon with Magic Damage.


  • Bite: Bite causing 1 ½ Heart damage and causing poisoning.
  • Poisoning: Caused by the bite, it will drain the player health quickly during a period, being cumulative and remaining even after being knocked out.


For this fight ranged weapons are recommended, since the Mad Weed is very fast and its attack that causes Poisoning is cumulative and can knock out the player with melee weapons instantly.

  • In addition to ranged weapons it is recommended to use Potions or Berries of speed and health like Quick Berry and Power Berry.
  • The class abilities Cleanse and Reflection are very useful against Poisoning.
  • Before entering combat use 4 Quick Berry and attract the Mad Weed and start shooting with the bow or gun always walking in circle until it is defeated.