The Mechalon used to be Air World's greatest defender. What happened to it?

Mechalon is an area in Air World with the Boss monster, The Mechalon as the sole monster. This area is not optional, if the player wants to get to the end of Air World.

Finding Exploration Tokens is easy on this island, as there are not a lot of obscurities, such as trees and buildings. There is a moving tree islet which enables access to a gun, and Tokens.

The Gun that can be used in Mechalon. Players keep the gun once the Mechalon has been defeated.


Sentinel 7 and the Aurax are the recurring NPCs throughout Air World.

Other informationEdit

  • For information about Drops from the Mechalon monster, go to the Mechalon monster page.
  • Players need to pick up a gun to use against the Mechalon, as that is the only thing powerful enough at that point to win. One is located on a floating islet.