Medals are one of the main mechanics in MilMo, practically everything you do in MilMo will reward you with a medal, and they are symbols with titles to show when you have reached a certain goal.

Medals are independent goals that offer new challenges, satisfy goal-oriented players, and allow others to see your achievements in MilMo.

The medal system covers all aspects of the game, including world exploration, Arena, Quests, and Items, from simple to epic, there is something for everyone.

All medals come with in-game rewards such as Gems, Clothing, Weapons and Titles. Most of these rewards are purely cosmetic and just for fun, but you will certainly stand out when you proudly display them.

Currently, MilMo has 474 Medals available. New medals are introduced with each new content update.

Types and categories of medalsEdit

Medals come in several varieties. Some simply require specific actions to unlock, such as completing a quest. Others involve a progress bar and require you to do something repeatedly, such as defeating 100 Monsters.

Other medal sets are progressive, for example, once you complete a medal defeating 100 monsters, the next you will be asked to defeat 250.

And there are also goal medals that are unlocked when you win other medals - for example, collecting all of the Exploration Token medals in Summer Tide Saga unlocks the "The Human Compass" medal.

The medal menu can be accessed by clicking the Profile icon in the top menu bar in the Medals menu. To help keep track of all the different medals you can unlock, medals are separated into the following categories in the medals window:

  • Wealth
  • Star Tokens
  • Arena
  • Level Exploration
  • Events
  • Weapons
  • Mining
  • Adventures
  • Miscellaneous
  • Achievements
  • Excavations
  • Death
  • Warrior
  • Converters
  • Shopping
  • Gifts
  • Lockboxes
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Monsters


When winning a medal, the player will also be given a reward such as jewellery and coins, a vanity item, a weapon/piece of a weapon, or furniture.

The name of the medals you get will also be available as titles to use on your character, check out the Titles page for more detailed information.

General MedalsEdit

  1. Medals/Wealth
  2. Medals/Achievements
  3. Medals/Arena
  4. Medals/Axes
  5. Medals/Bows
  6. Medals/Clubs
  7. Medals/Converter
  8. Medals/Death
  9. Medals/Events
  10. Medals/Excavation
  11. Medals/Exploration
  12. Medals/Gifting
  13. Medals/Guns
  14. Medals/Imagination Devourers
  15. Medals/Lockboxes
  16. Medals/Questing
  17. Medals/Shopping
  18. Medals/Swords
  19. Medals/Warrior

Summer Tide Saga MedalsEdit

  1. Medals/Summer Tide Saga - Level Exploration
  2. Medals/Summer Tide Saga - Miscellaneous
  3. Medals/Aliens
  4. Medals/Bees
  5. Medals/Birds
  6. Medals/Bunnies
  7. Medals/Butterflies
  8. Medals/Crabs
  9. Medals/Dinos
  10. Medals/Fiends
  11. Medals/Goats
  12. Medals/Hedgehogs
  13. Medals/Onions
  14. Medals/Rhubarbs
  15. Medals/Skulls
  16. Medals/Snails
  17. Medals/Trunks
  18. Medals/Weeds

Air World MedalsEdit

  1. Medals/Air World - Level Exploration
  2. Medals/Parvulu
  3. Medals/Statues
  4. Medals/War Birds

Mice & Maniax MedalsEdit

  1. Medals/Mice & Maniax - Level Exploration
  2. Medals/Fiends
  3. Medals/Ghosts
  4. Medals/Insects
  5. Medals/Robots
  6. Medals/Skulls