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What is MilMo?

MilMo is a free-to-play Action Adventure MMO published by Dohi Entertainment that can be played directly in your browser with no big downloads, and with no need to create an account if you use Facebook.

Official MilMo Trailer

Official MilMo Trailer

Exciting action gameplay with crazy monsters and mega-cool bosses. Run, jump and fight your way through an amazing and ever unfolding island world. Find hidden Exploration Tokens to assemble powerful new items and weapons. Uncover a deep, intricate storyline filled with epic quests and amazing secrets. Design your own hero avatar with tons of cool clothes, armours, haircuts, accessories and limitless colour combos!

Article Protection

On MilMo Wiki, you may notice butterflies appearing next to the edit buttons of some pages. This is to denote the protection level of the article, which may be changed for a certain reason.

  • A Green Butterfly Green Butterfly shows that everybody can edit the article in question. There are no protections on the article.
  • A Yellow Butterfly Yellow Butterfly shows that new and unregistered users to FANDOM cannot edit the article. This is known as semi-protected.
  • A Red Butterfly Red Butterfly shows that only Administrators and Content Moderators are able to edit the page.

Play Now

  • Halloween Event 2018 - October 2018


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