Some creatures cannot be killed.

Instead they have to be caught with a butterfly net.

You can equip a net if you have one and press either C or click the mouse button when close to the creature to catch it.

For example a butterfly

Creatures that can be caught by net

  1. Bee
  2. Blue Butterfly
  3. Blue Ghost Light
  4. Corrupted Butterfly
  5. Dark Blue Scarab
  6. Dawnwing Butterfly
  7. Green Butterfly
  8. Green Ghost Light
  9. Green Scarab
  10. Light Blue Scarab
  11. Pink Butterfly
  12. Pink Scarab
  13. Red Butterfly
  14. Red Ghost Light
  15. Red Ladybug
  16. Scary Bug
  17. Small Pink Butterfly
  18. White Bunny
  19. Yellow Butterfly

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