Weapons in MilMo are used to fight monsters.

They are classified into two types: Main Weapons and Offhand Weapons. Weapons vary mainly in appearance, but they have statistics that differentiate them, which are represented by star ratings out of five (★★★★★).


A player holding her Angelic Blade

These attributes are:

  • Attack: Physical damage.
  • Magic: Magic Damage.
  • Speed: Speed of weapon
  • Range: Range of weapon.

Statistics GuideEdit

  • Attack: The normal amount of damage.
  • Magic: The amount of magical damage. This only applies to monsters who absorb magic damage. This includes Imagination Devourers and Wurmlings
  • Speed: This is measured by checking how many times you've swung your weapon in the space of a second. This is measured by counting the number of swings over a longer period, such as 5 minutes and then dividing the number of swings by the number of seconds.
  • Distance: The range of the weapon. Swords and other melee weapons range from StatStars02 to StatStars04 while distance weapons possess more.

Obtaining WeaponsEdit

There are three ways to gain good weapons:

  • Hard work
You can use the weapons you find inside the game and turn them into Epic Weapons. This takes some time and requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but it is possible. In this process, you can turn a sword, axe, bow or basic club into something extremely powerful. It is intense work but in the end, you will have a weapon capable of dealing magical damage!
When opening a Mystery Box there is a chance to get a Dragon Bow, Flying V Axe or a Legendary Weapon. In the Lock Boxes, you can find a Legendary Weapon, but you need a key to open a locked box, and the keys can be bought with coins.
In the Cash Shop, players can find everything, including weapons. Some of them, like Heroic Weapons, can be purchased with both June Cash and coins, while others can be bought with only June Cash. The only magic weapon that can be bought using coins is the Celestial Blade.

List of WeaponsEdit

There are 6 subtypes of weapons; Bows, Guns, Swords, Axes, Clubs and Wands.


Bows use Arrows Arrows as ammunition.




Unlike other weapons, the clubs are the only weapons that cause a knockback.

  • Knockback is a mechanic in which the enemies are flung away when attacked, and can be killed if pushed off a platform. Some enemies are immune to knockback, particularly Bosses.


Guns use Cells Cells as ammunition. Some guns use more than one cell per shot.


Wands use Mana Mana as an ammunition.

Offhand WeaponsEdit

Offhand Weapons are weapons that are used on the player's left hand, giving small bonuses of Damage, Defense, or Regeneration and also reduce the cost of Gems used by Class Skills in half.